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Covid 19 update.


We are all pleased to hear that from Monday 8th of June craft are allowed to navigate on the Thames!  Please bear in mind the following:


Day cruising ONLY.

The locks are self-service only.  

Most locks will have power to the controlers to allow self passsage.

Only one crewmember ashore. Remainder to stay aboard throughout the transit.


Be super Aware of social distancing and DO NOT share a lock unless you keep well apart.



You are welcome to come to your craft for maintenance purposes.


We are OPEN for Repairs & Servicing. Could do with the business please.


David has re-started BSSc inspections, book with me.





Please use the facilities aboard your craft if possible. Our toilet facilities are open for those without facilities. Let me know so we are able to clean after usage!!


      Regards & Thanks





G[email protected] for any questions.


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